Dear Party Guests:

As you know, we chose an "almost no presents" policy for the boys for their birthday party; instead, we will choose a charity and donate money on the boys' and their friends behalf. We haven't decided 100% which charity yet, but it will most likely be a children's hospital in Israel. 

The point was that our kids have too much.  We know it and they know it.  They are still kids though so we thought a good compromise would be to do some Hesed and save a little bit for the three of them.  After we collect the donations, we will leave a token amount for each boy to buy a gift for themselves. 

We hope you understand and please do not feel obligated in ANY WAY to donate anything.   To make it easy for everyone, we created this registry through which you can donate so please, DONT BRING or be concerned about bringing CASH TO THE PARTY.

Before we donate the money we will send you an update telling you how much we raised, which charity was the beneficiary and a note of thanks.

Thank you so much, Have a great week and Happy Mother's Day!

Dorit, Judith and Ronnet

Ethan Netanel and Moses 8th Bday Party!!
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